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  • Welcoming Committee - We want you to know we are happy you have chosen to live in Mangowood. Many of us were visited by a MECA volunteer when we moved in. Please let us know when it is convenient to schedule a visit by contacting George Tabor at
    We have a gift for you!

  • Crime Watch - Mangowood has a long history of participation in the Crime Watch program. Register your e-mail address for timely notices at

  •  Maintenance and Repairs - Common property is landscaped and must be mowed, weeded and trimmed. Occasionally volunteers complete some of the work, but paid personnel accomplish routine maintenance and repairs.

  • Mangowood Entrance Monument - The entrance at SW 152 Street and 148 Drive / 84 Court is both welcoming and historic. The recent addition of a new flagpole and lighting gives visitors a great first impression.

  • Monthly Newsletter - Monthly newsletters from September through May will keep you up-to-date on all MECA events. Featured articles help us learn more about our friendly neighborhood.

  • Resident Directory - The resident directory and service resource guide is published every two years with the most current contact information provided. Every advertiser provides a valuable service that has been tested and recommended by a resident. Please contact to receive your issue.

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