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Helpful Hints for a More Successful Garage Sale


1.    Even though MECA will advertise in local publications and place 15 generic promotional signs around the neighborhood beginning a week in advance, you are encouraged to place your own signs on the day of the event directing buyers to your specific sale location (NOTE: The Village requires signs to be placed a minimum of 5 feet from the roadway and on the property ownerís side of any sidewalks.  Your signs must be placed no earlier than day of event and removed by end of the same day).

2.    Place items on shelves/tables instead of the floor/ground.  They are more likely to reach and grab items if they donít have to bend over.

3.    Put a price on every item!  Use small colored sticker dots to mark each item.  Itís tedious, but it will save you from answering a million questions.

4.    Group like items together.  For example: bathroom accessories can be grouped and priced at 3 for $5.

5.    Place childrenís items on the ground closest to the front of the sale.  If a child picks it up, the parent will 9 times out of 10 buy it!

6.    Have enough single dollars and quarters on hand to make change.  An easy way to do that is wear a fanny pack.

7.    If someone makes an offer, SELL IT!  The likelihood of 2 people wanting the same item is not that great.  Remember, your goal is to get rid of the stuff.  Any money you make is pure profit for the day.

8.    Plug-in electrical items.  For example: turn on TVís, radios so that people know they work.

9.    If you have questions on how much to price an item, check out ebay on the internet.

10.  Get ready the night before.  Have tables filled with priced items inside the garage ready to move into place so the morning of the sale you are not scrambling to set-up.

11.  Free Box!  Have a box of items that you are willing to part with for free.  For example: magazines.  Place that box with a large sign close to the street.  You want people to stop and a FREE sign will certainly get them to see what else you have.

12.  Encourage your immediate neighbors to join together with your sale or hold their own sale.  Buyers prefer to park and shop more than one small site, and a group of parked cars will draw lots more attention to your area.

13. Donít try to hold a sale alone.  Have an adequate number of helpers.  For security sake, be aware of groups of shoppers working together converging in a mass that is designed to overwhelm and draw you attention away from an item(s) they may try to steal.  If you see any suspicious activity, play it safe and call the police at 305-4-POLICE or in an emergency dial 911. Village police will already be patrolling in the neighborhood during this event.



*NOTICE: The Village of Palmetto Bay limits the number of residential garage sales to two (2) per year per address, and normally requires each participant to apply for a permit at Village Hall prior to holding each sale.  Please be advised that MECA has already secured a unique neighborhood permit for everyone holding a sale on this date only; however, your participation in this event will count as one annual garage sale for your address in 2017.  Thank you, have lots of fun, and good luck!





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